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New pieces for 2013

We’re learning some new pieces of music, which we look forward to performing in 2013.

1) What a Wonderful World (1967) – words & music by George Weiss & Bob Thiele, arranged by Gwyn Arch.

2) What would I do without my music? (1978) – words & music by Harry Middlebrooks & Bruce Belland, arranged by Alwyn Humphreys. As sung & recorded by the Morriston Male Voice Choir.

3) Nice ‘n’ Easy, a Perry Como Medley incorporating ‘Magic Moments’ by Bacharach & David, ‘And I Love you so’ by Don McLean, ‘Catch a falling star’ by Pockriss & Vance, ‘Try to Remember’ by Jones & Schmidt, arranged by Alan Simmons.

Keyboard shotWhat do you think about this music? Have you heard any of it before? Does it bring back any memories?

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